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Please add 'TAW Renovation Funding' to the subject line or something similar to this.

Also, please only send to one address at a time: do NOT send as a group email.

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I am reaching out to you as an advocate of stray and homeless animals in Tulsa. Several years ago, Tulsans voted to approve a $4.7 million Tulsa Animal Welfare expansion and the City of Tulsa hired GH2 to design it. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this money is no longer adequate to complete the project. Also because of COVID-19, the state of animal welfare has greatly deteriorated with shelters and rescues inundated with quarantine returns and dumped dogs birthing countless litters. On January 11th, 2022, the city-appointed Animal Welfare Commission asked the Mayor and the City Councilors to approve an additional $3.4 million from federally awarded City of Tulsa's COVID-relief funds. It is to my understanding that the City of Tulsa has also made an American Rescue Plan Act ARPA request of Tulsa County to assist with Animal Welfare. Please grant this request and give Tulsa the shelter it voted for and deserves! Thank you for your time.

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