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It is important the Mayor and City Councilors know that they are hearing from their very own constituents: the people with the power to re-elect them or not!

This email script allows you to copy and paste into a new email message, then tailor the  entries to create your own customized message. Email addresses are on the previous page.

Please add 'TAW Renovation Funding' to the subject line or something similar to this.

Also, please only send to one address at a time: do NOT send as a group email.

Dear (Mayor/Councilor) (Last name): 

My name is (your first and last name) and I am a citizen of The City of Tulsa. Several years ago, voters approved a $4.7 million animal shelter expansion through the Improve Our Tulsa programs. Unfortunately, due to the effects of COVID, this amount is no longer sufficient to fulfill the GH2-designed expansion of Tulsa Animal Welfare. 

On January 11th, 2022, The Animal Welfare Commission sent a signed letter to The City of Tulsa requesting $3.4 million from federally allocated City of Tulsa's COVID-relief funds. This amount would close the funding gap and the citizens of Tulsa can finally receive the shelter improvements for which we voted and were promised years ago. It is to my understanding that the City of Tulsa has also made an American Rescue Plan Resources ARPA request of Tulsa County to assist with Animal Welfare. 

Despite the City of Tulsa's efforts of creating the Animal Welfare Commission to address the critical issues of animal welfare, its conditions have only worsened. Every day, more and more of my fellow citizens are encountering unaltered and/or sick stray animals hit by vehicles, litters of puppies and kittens being born in sheds and under porches, and strays or animals-at-large running in packs, terrorizing people in neighborhoods all over Tulsa.  

I am an animal lover and it is difficult to fathom that we are faced with so many of these experiences in a world-class place like Tulsa. I know that some of these hardships are a direct effect of COVID-19. It is a known fact that many people in our region adopted animals to keep themselves company while quarantining. Since normal daily operations of work and school resumed, rescues and shelters have been inundated with returns, as well as dumped dogs and cats birthing countless litters, and many have had to go on intake hold.  


For example: 

As a citizen of the City of Tulsa, I implore you to grant this funding ask of $3.4 million so we can get this voter-approved animal shelter expansion done! The Animal Welfare Commission was created to collect input from the people of Tulsa and to report to the Mayor and Councilors what is needed to improve animal welfare in Tulsa. The people spoke, the Commission listened, and this is what they are asking from you. From the Commission's letter to you, I would like to remind you of Mayor Bynum's quote archived on December 8th, 2018 on the City of Tulsa's website: 

"These improvements to animal welfare will impact not just Tulsa's animal population, but public safety and quality of life for all Tulsans as well." 



(Your first and last name) 

(Your street address) 

(Your City/State/Zip) 

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